Portland Pool Products Heat Pump

Thursday 29th August 2013

In this case, Cresta Leisure of Dorchester in Dorset were called in to have a look at a very large pool which was built in the 1970s and had been derelict and unloved for a number of years, and was in a pretty poor state of repair. It needed a complete refurbishment of both the pool structure, as well as the equipment in the plant room.

Given that the clients were having to replace the existing plant, they stipulated that the replacement equipment had to be cost-effective when it came to running costs, particularly the heating system, which was crucial as the pool was so large. Cresta Leisure specified a pair of Portland Pool Products P15 heat pumps, which boasted an incredible coefficient of performance (COP) of 3.6:1 at an ambient temperature of only 5°C. This means that if it’s just 5°C outside, then each unit is producing an incredible 3.6kW of heat in the pool water for every 1kW used to run it! There is no other domestic swimming pool heat pump range that can boast this level of performance on the market in the UK. By pairing units together, the client obtained the maximum output available for their available electricity supply, and it also means that one unit can remain operating if the other is undergoing maintenance.

Needless to say, with the level expertise on display, coupled with the Portland Heat Pumps’ industry-beating performance and value, Cresta Leisure won the contract for the project. Cresta Leisure have been fitting Portland Pool Products heat pumps exclusively for the past 4 years, installing over 80 units in that time, because they are the only manufacturer that actually publishes their COP graphs which illustrate the tremendous COP at ambient temperatures as low as freezing point!

In the year since the project was completed, the units have been performing admirably and to the clients’ delight, easily managing the heating demands of the pool and maintaining desired temperature throughout the swimming season, even during periods of cooler weather.