Swimming pool heat pumps

With ever rising fossil fuel and electricity costs, and a desire by pool owners to minimise their carbon footprint, Portland Pool Products swimming pool heat pumps are the ideal way to heat your pool efficiently and cost-effectively.

Heat-Pump-with-Portland-logo-imagePortland Heat Pumps are designed and manufactured specifically with the UK climate in mind, and work more effectively over a British season and its unpredictable weather. Heat pumps work by extracting heat from the air and transferring it to the pool water. The efficiency with which it does this is known as the co-efficient of performance, or COP. The higher the COP, the more efficient the heat pump, and the cheaper it is to run. For example, a COP of 1:5 means that for every 1kW of electricity spent on running the heat pump, 5kW of energy is extracted from the air and transferred into the pool water.

Why choose a Portland Pool Products Heat Pump?

  1. Portland heat pumps are designed for high performance in the unpredictable and cooler UK climate, ensuring maximum energy gain (i.e. higher COP) at our lower air temperatures, when the maximum energy ouput is needed.
  2. Higher COP = Higher energy gain for each unit of power used = Lower energy costs. Portland Heat Pumps have oversized evaporators for greater heat extraction, Double Titanium A1 Coil Heat Exchangers are completely resistant to corrosion, and a pre-charged defrosting system, so that the unit automatically defrosts, meaning no ice build up, and less down-time.
  3. Practical functions. Backwash function for sand filter equipped pools; bottom-pan heating to prevent ice-formation around base of unit, and a waterproof display and control panel.
  4. Superb value: Portland heat pumps deliver the best value on the market in terms of cost vs performance and quality. Portland Pool Products have been designed with the benefit of many years UK pool industry experience, state-of-the-art production processes, long-standing relationships with suppliers of quality components, and a low-cost distribution network.

Portland Heat Pump

Heating & cooling with reversible defrosting



  1. Oversized coated energy collector (air coils) – higher COP – better performance, lower running costs.
  2. Titanium class A1 double-coil heat exchanger – no corrosion of one of the most expensive components, unlike stainless steel or copper.
  3. Active auto-charged defrosting system – higher COP- better performance, lower running costs.
  4. Digital display – simple and easy to use.
  5. Waterproof display and control panel – protected against UK weather.
  6. Backwash feature for sand filter.
  7. Strong plastic casing – no corrosion to outer.
  8. Bottom heater to prevent ice formation – less down-time and better performance.
  9. Galvanized bottom plate – no corrosion.
  10. Horizontal air flow – for more efficient heat extraction.
  11. Easy connection to water system – for ease of installation.
  12. Rotary/Scroll compressor – highly efficient – higher COP.
  13. Flow switch protection – prevents damage caused by a flow obstruction.
  14. High / low-pressure switch protection – prevents damage caused by too great or insufficient pressure.
  15. Optional vinyl cover for winter protection – to further protect the unit from the elements when it is out of action over the winter.

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