Swimming pool safety covers

Safety – The most important consideration

Grayfox-Portland-cover-install-Lincs-013Pool safety is of paramount importance – a vital consideration for all pool owners, particularly if you have children, the elderly or infirm around the home. Portland Pool Products swimming pool safety covers have been protecting the lives of pool owners and their friends and families across Europe for over 13 years.

Keeps your pool clean & reduces running costs

Portland-Safety-Cover---Paul-&-Sue-Spiring-2As well as their primary purpose in keeping your pool safe and preventing drownings and pool related accidents, a Portland Pool Products pool cover also fulfills the other key roles. It will keep pets and wildflife at bay. It will minimise chemical wastage by keeping dirt and debris out of the water, and it will help reduce running costs by insulating against heat lost through evaporation from the surface.

Superior quality & value

Grayfox-Portland-cover-install-Lincs-018Portland Pool Products pool safety covers are designed to give many years reliable trouble-free operation, and represent the best value you for your investment. The mechanics are manufactured from quality materials, such as anodised aluminium for resistance to corrosion, with the cover itself in a heavy duty and UV stabilised synthetic weatherproof material.

Easy to use

Portland Pool Products pool safety covers are quick and simple to operate. The cover can be opened or closed in 1 to 2 minutes. It is opened using a crank handle on the cover mechanism, and closed again using a tow-rope on the leading edge, with the cover gliding effortlessly along aluminium tracks fitted to each side of the pool.


  1. Can be fitted to pools up to 12m x 6m (39′ x 19’6″).
  2. Can be installed on new build pools.
  3. Can be retro-fitted to existing pools.
  4. Easy to install.
  5. Easy to operate.
  6. Reduces running costs
  7. Reduces chemical use.
  8. High quality, hard-wearing construction.
  9. Manufactured in durable, corrosion and UV resistant materials.
  10. Certified as a safety cover to international standards.

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