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Portland Pool Products Safety Cover System

Installer: Grayfox Swimming Pools, Stow, Lincolnshire

Clients: Retired couple, Lincolnshire

The clients own a 28′ x 14′ Fox liner pool which complements their beautiful stone home in rural Lincolnshire. The pool was built by Portland Pool Products dealer, Grayfox Swimming Pools, and it was Nigel Gray of Grayfox who went to visit the clients at their home to discuss their pool cover requirements.

The clients were interested in a cost-effective manually-operated cover that ticked the usual boxes when it came to minimising evaporation heat losses and keeping debris out of the pool. However, the real focus of their concern was safety. They regularly have their grandchildren round to visit the home and play in the garden, and they worried about the possibility of one of them accidentally falling into the pool when unsupervised. A regular cover was of no use as a child or pet can still easily slip under.

Nigel explained to them the benefits of a Portland Pool Products safety cover. Because the cover is secured in tracks which run down each side of the pool, they form a ‘skin’ over the pool which will easily retain the weight of their grandchildren, and forms a solid barrier between the whole pool and the outside word (as evidenced by Grayfox’s engineer, demonstrating its effectiveness after installation).

The client did have some concerns over the aesthetics of the tracks, but having been shown pictures of a previous installation by Nigel, they were satisfied that the tracks were very discreet. They were also extremely pleased that moving the cover on and off the pool was very smooth and effortless, and equally pleased that the project came within their budget. Above all, they were delighted with the expertise displayed by Grayfox Swimming Pools, both in identifying and recommending the Portland Pool Products safety cover to address their needs at the outset, and for their excellent and diligent service before, during and after the installation.

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